Powerslide Matter World Team

The POWERSLIDE team was born in 2005. It's main sponsor is from the german rolling sport brand: POWERSLIDE and it's secondary sponsor is MATTER wheels, the californian wheels maker. Other sponsor include WICKED bearing and HUNTER sportwear. 

This is the number one team in the world since few season. The team is made of WOMEN and MEN and skater race marathon but also classic race on track.

Main Partner
Shoes Partner
Frame Partner
Wheels Partner
Bearings Partner
Helmet Partner
Skinsuit Partner
Manager: Scott Arlidge
Photo of Sandrine Tas
Sandrine Tas

Type of skater: long distance and sort distance 

Team: Powerslide XL-Tulip 2012-2016 

          Powerslide world team since 2016 

Result: 3 x winner of berlin marathon 

           2 x World Champion 

           Lot of european titles 



Photo of Katharina Rumpus
Katharina Rumpus

Type of skater: Marathon

Team: Powerslide since 2009

Result: European champion

          Winner lot of marathon

           Winner Berlin Marathon  



Photo of Erika Zanetti
Erika Zanetti

Erika is a sprinter or should we say THE sprinter. She is also performing good in marathon too. She join powerslide since many years now because she is the best sprint athlete a brand can get for a perfect image.

Photo of Laethisia Schimek
Laethisia Schimek
Photo of Manon Kamminga
Manon Kamminga
Photo of Bart Swings
Bart Swings

Type of skater : long distance and 1000m 

Team: Cado Motus 2009-2012 

          Powerslide Team since 2013 

Result: 15 x World champion 

            6 x Berlin Marathon 

 Height: 1 m 79 

Weight: 70 kg 

Photo of Felix Rijhnen
Felix Rijhnen

Type of skater: Long distance 

Team: Powerslide world team since 2010

Result: 2 x World Champion (marathon and point road)

          Winner Berlin marathon 2019

Height: 1m87

Weight: 81 kg 

you can follow him on instagram


or on youtube

Photo of Ewen Fernandez
Ewen Fernandez

Type of skater: Marathon 

Team: Powerslide world team 2010-2016

          Eoskates 2016-2017

          Rollerblade since 2018 


Result: 8 x world champion 

           2 x winner berlin marathon 



Photo of Livio Wenger
Livio Wenger
Photo of Peter Michael
Peter Michael